Our Placement Cell

EMINENT has an enormous placement wing, which enrolls all candidates in its placement bank - IT Talent Bank & Electronics Talent Bank, and will keep in constant touch with various IT related industries and Electronics Industries in India / Abroad, who are in need of computer trained quality manpower Each candidate goes through complete pre-placement session before placement made by EMINENT

The placement division also helps students in getting projects and organizes guest lectures, group discussions, soft learning skills, mock interviews, personality development skills, easy learning skills, technical discussions, student meetings, etc.,

For every student we communicate the IT / Embedded / Electronics organizations, with the following documents

  • Curriculum highlighting the skills
  • A brief write up of the Software / Embedded knowledge acquired at EMINENT, taught at EMINENT
  • Projects and Specialization work done at EMINENT
  • Additional skills & Soft Skills learnt
  • The assistance offered is as follows:

  • All eligible / required students register with our Placement Services
  • Students are provided Career Guidance, Placement Sessions, Group Discussions
  • Students are assigned interviews with prospective employers
  • EMINENT has developed and maintaining a unique system of sourcing and screening the candidates for the deputation / placement of technical manpower requirements of the IT organizations

    Industry speak - Employers / Recruiters talk about how they have benefited from our Project Training program and gained access to the talent best suited to their specific requirements

    Student voices - Our Students talks about how they benefited from the Industry oriented Project training / On Demand Job oriented Project training, enabled them to get the jobs they desired